Myth as Allegory

What if…

…the cultures of the past and their ancient myths — stories of G/god(s), Goddesses, man, creation, spirit… some familiar, others not as familiar to some of us — are all saying essentially the same thing? Speaking to us from afar, as it were?

What if the ancients were far wiser than that for which we modern-folk tend to give them credit; what if, by way of painting the grander picture of things unseen yet intimately known — through the vehicle of Myth — our ancient forefathers explained to the best of their ability the nature of Us, our duality of body/mind vs. spirit, the non-duality of our consciousness, and the workings of the Universe? And what if we were not meant to take these stories as literal truths, but to ponder them and learn from them as analogous to our deeper nature?

As John Lennon states very effectively in his beloved song, Imagine there’s no heaven… no hell below us…

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