Get Grounded

One of the most important and most enjoyable experiences I’ve encountered (and have been practicing regularly now for nearly the past week) is that of the Grounding Meditation as described and taught by the wonderfully in-depth and knowledgeable author at

The challenge set forth is to practice this meditation eight times a day for 45 days, as this will build the process and constant awareness of grounding into a habit. I have taken an immense interest and joy in maintaining this challenge successfully now for almost the past week. I have found a beautiful sense of balance, awareness, peace, well-being, acceptance, and more dwelling and arising within me.

Some notions I have become conscious of during the course of my meditation-experience:

  • that I am connected and intertwined intricately with the forces of this planet and universe (it puts Carl Sagan’s statement that “We’re made of star-stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself” in a very real light!)
  • therefore, we have “all that it takes” within us, as we exist as a part of the All (more on these thoughts to come, promise…)
  • I feed the energy of the All as it also feeds my energy
  • I am never alone and I am always loved unconditionally
  • I have learned to discern and hear my Heart Voice
  • I have begun to just scratch the surface of understanding the beautiful complexity that is me (and by nature, all of us); that my Heart Voice is in actuality, Me; but it is the true me, my spirit, my unconscious…and who else would know me better than, well, me?
  • I’ve begun to note and take a curiosity in how the myths and religions of so many cultures seem to speak of this very thing, this Heart Voice, this Unconscious Self that is connected to All… giving it names we can relate to, such as God, Inner Guru, Allah, Ra, etc…. but in terms and parables relevant to its ability to comprehend such intimate complexity (plenty more on this to come in the future, too…Lots more details and examples I can think of…)

And this is all only after a week of getting to know myself a little better. 😉

Will you take the challenge? Read through the article, give grounding a chance and see what it can do to improve your perception of the world and your place in it!

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