A Story of Shoes

Once upon a time, there was a Queen who ruled over an ancient kingdom. One day, she walked about her kingdom barefoot (as was common in those days) and stubbed her toe on a stone. In pain and frustration, the Queen called her noblemen and wise advisors together and made her declaration:

Take a sheet of soft leather and carpet the whole of my kingdom with it, that all may be protected henceforth from stubbing their toes against the stones of the ground.

One of her wise advisors ventured to speak, however, and offered an alternative solution:

Let us rather take sheets of leather and carpet the soles of everyone’s feet with it.

And thus was the birth of Shoes.

The moral of the story…

Where our feet come in contact with this earth is the Point of Contact whereby we meet our existence.

It is far more challenging, indeed impossible!, to protect ourselves from harm and hurt and distress by way of forcing this entire planet, universe, and everyone’s existence in it to conform to the way in which we walk through it.

Especially, when one considers that to attempt to do so will most assuredly violate the boundaries of another’s free will and individuality! Such are the seeds of power games and the resultant struggle of two power chakras over life energy; or, we can say, the tug-of-war between egos. (Read this wonderful article on the Power Chakra!) It is certainly a breeding ground for karma — fear-based intentions of the ego…

Instead, if we pay heed to the way in which our “feet” touch this existence in our own experience of it — if we adjust our own relationship with our experience and thereby change the experience of our Point of Contact with it — then not only are we “protected” and able to respond rightly to our world, but the world will also respond rightly to us. This is at the heart of conscious awareness, of existing in the Now and simply opening our eyes to what is already there.

So, put on your shoes today and be mindful of your steps. You’ll soon find your relationship with your existence transforming, and existence, too, will transform in its relationship to you in response.

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