Karma is…

  • Tension held in parts of the physical body: Do you “carry the weight of the world on your shoulders”? How about in your back? In your gut? Your forehead?… Our body can store the painful, tight, physical nodes related to our memories in parts of the body relevant to the memory.
  • Intent: An action is just an action, its results are the same; the true intent by which it is fueled, however, is what brings its underlying meaning into our bodies and un/consciousness.
  • Blockages to the flow of energy: Our residual nodes of karma locked in our muscles restrict the flow of energy (chi) and keep us tied to our Ego and its stories about ourselves, unable to completely soar and join the oneness of the All-Consciousness.
  • A kinetic force that drives the universe: “Buddhists hold that the retributive process of karma can span more than one lifetime…the process of coming into life and being conditioned in a particular way is caused by karmic forces.” Visit this article for more.
  • Re-action to previous memory experience: This article really puts karma in perspective! Our memories — our Ego’s perspective of what has happened to and around us in the past — vastly influences our “life lessons” that we use to shape our interpretations and decisions in the Now, as well as our fears and plans for a future yet unwritten.

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