Cosmic Contemplations I

A Certain Kind of Immortality

Just as a flame is the result of a chemical process of transformation, and as the cloud in the sky transforms to the water of a river, only to later enter and become a part of our bodies, so we are all woven together in this fabric of space-time, in the midst of our own series of transformations.


Buddhist monk and teacher, Thích Nhất Hạnh, spoke of the concept of death as transformation on an early podcast by I paraphrase, from what I recall and took from his words:

There is no death, then. Like the cloud, we also simply transform into the next existence, as an integral part of the fabric of this universe.

Ah, the notion of rebirth. In this sense, we are all immortal. 🙂
The next thought that arose within me, then, was that of the nature of consciousness. If we are — as awakened beings — in unity with the All-Consciousness, then our consciousness is all that is, and our bodies are mere forms which aspects of the collective conscious have chosen to take, for this brief period of time before transforming to another formation. Cosmic evolution. 🙂

I wondered, would my consciousness realize what was going on as I transformed in “death”? Would I be aware of my “past life” and aware of my “new one”? On a higher level of consciousness, probably, but certainly not at the level of the ego, for the ego is separation from the All. And then, I recalled, that this, too, is Attachment, an attachment to Self, to who I am, rather than gaining a greater perspective of where I fit, woven into this fabric — as the All. Self acceptance, in the truest sense…

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