Cosmic Contemplations II

The Multiverse


I am fascinated with the concept that, beyond the notion of “mere” parallel universes, the multiverse of our cosmos can very well be thought of to perhaps be of an unfolding or branching nature, that of fractal, self-simulating replication, with hierarchies of universes and their particles embedded and superimposed one upon the next… Likewise, Stephen Hawking’s quantum wormholes suggest:

…there is a certain probability that a small chunk of space and time can suddenly pop into existence. A wormhole is a fluctuation in the space-time field, just as a virtual particle is a fluctuation in an energy field. The wormhole can connect to any of an endless number of preexisting parallel universes otherwise inaccessible to us.

The Gnostic Scriptures detail the unfolding of the cosmos in very much a similar fashion…

The One Who Is is ineffable. From the foundation of the world, no power…no nature has known the One Who Is. Only the One Who Is knows itself. The One Who Is is immortal, eternal, without birth…

The One is like the eternal foundation of the multiverse, from which the many branches sprang….

…He is all mind, thought, reflection, consideration, reason, and power…These are the sources of all that is…

The Collective Consciousness is woven throughout the Cosmos…

…The Lord of all is properly addressed not as Father but Forefather. The Father is the beginning of what is visible…reflection, because he reflects unconceived first existence…Afterward he revealed many other beings…who are self-conceived and reflective… In the beginning, thought and insights came from Mind…

From here on, the Immortals beget a descending hierarchy of aeons, fashioned after the ones who conceived them. Aeons that are similar yet fragmented branches from those that conceived them. From that of the Light (Savior) and Faith (Pistis), came spiritual beings who came together and disclosed…

…seventy-two powers. Each of the seventy-two in turn disclosed five spiritual powers, bringing the number to three hundred sixty powers. They are united in will.
In this way Immortal Humanity came to symbolize our realm. The first one to conceive…functions as a symbol of time. The Savior [Light] symbolizes the year. The twelve powers are symbols of the twelve months. The three hundred sixty powers who derive from the Savior stand for the three hundred sixty days of the year. And the angels who came from them and who are without number stand for the hours and moments.

The birth of Time…


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