We influence all that we encounter in our existence with this universe.

Vibrations of a variety of natures strike us daily, and our physical receptors receive what elements of that that they have evolved to receive, by which the brain interprets what we encounter…. And our Ego thus attaches meaning to that which we have received from the Universe.

Our Ego gives meaning, gives labels, categorizes, and judges what signals we have received. Then we react — not to the signals themselves, mind you — but rather we react to the meaning of those signals passed on to us ultimately through the Ego-Filter. We have no choice but to react in accordance to the paradigm within which the meaning of these signals is thus found, by way of the Ego’s choosing. And we all jump in so quickly, so easily, without any thought, when we are so identified inseparably with our Ego and who it says we are.

Thereby, we influence what we receive from the Universe. We call things good or bad… We call people and their behaviors wise or evil… Objects are blue, square, beautiful, ugly

All is filtered through the Ego, and we react to that, imposing our Ego’s selective nature upon that which we encounter. And, Nature and People respond back in kind.

What would it be like to experience this Universe without any perceptions? To see people and behaviors and objects only as they are? To at least be aware that any and all initial categorizations are emanating from the Ego, and that, at the heart of it all, we are a part of the fabric of the All.

Then we see through the eyes of the Observer; the eyes of our Soul. The Observer is in a place of pure Love, for it is truly unconditional, non-judgmental, and accepting. All is simply All, as it is. The place of the Observer is peace and rest, unity. To get out from under the filter of the Ego and emerge to the mountaintop of the Observer is to release your burdens, and simply Live.

Embrace what you see and receive today from the place of the Observer, and let the Universe unfold in all its splendor around and within you.

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