The Four Types of Clinging

The Buddha’s Four Types of Clinging bear reposting: 🙂

  • Attachment to sensuality– “the fundamental desire for gratification, pleasure and stimulation. The sensual hit that seems to make life worth living… the belief…that seeking gratification is better than doing nothing.”
  • Attachment to views– “the tendency of the mind to seek out a viewpoint or opinion where everything is clear… Now everything is safe and comfortable for me… The Buddha is pointing to our tendency to seek security, peace, well-being and happiness in our views and perspectives.”
  • Attachment to “to rules and vows, to precepts and practices that one assumes will lead to purity.”– “The idea of ‘I’m doing the practice’ gets in the way of being attentive to what’s happening in the heart and mind.When we are attentive, we can actually do the practice and enjoy it, delight in it and benefit from the results.”
  • Attachment to self– “The self has a function, but we get caught up believing in the story or even the doctrine of it, which then creates havoc. It’s important to recognize how the sense of ‘me’ and ‘mine’ insinuates itself all the time — craving and clinging around the feelings of ‘”I” need to have this, it has to be this way for “me”.’”

As I grow and learn, I’m finding my Ego likes to change the Story on me. Yes, I am changing, I am improving and leaning toward the Light on the other side of the Prism (my neuro-pathways are realigning, adjusting my personality). But, this adjusted Ego can so easily fool me into thinking that I am completely free of Attachments, at first because these new attachments, or new view of my attachments, are unrecognized as such. But, sooner rather than later, my power chakra’s “karma alarm” goes off and lets me know…. I’m Attached… And perhaps about to base my actions on my related karma…

Be grounded today, open and trust your chakras and the Observer, refrain from all judgements… Go through the Four Types of Clinging within yourself — trust your Inner Guide — and release them each to Heaven…. Be in love with yourself and find peace.

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