The stickiness of Attachments has, at its root, a lot to do with our perception of Personal Identity. We cling because we are afraid of losing that to which we cling– it tells us who we are and guides us in our daily decisions of response and reaction. And without it we fear utterly losing ourselves.

We forget, then, that this fear dwells in the Shadows of separation from the All. With this separation, this deficiency, comes struggle: within ourselves and with others and with nature. There is confusion, stress, and a constant push to maintain the illusion at all cost.

But, when we join the All-consciousness, and see ourselves instead as only a wave upon the cosmic ocean — rising up in a vague shape for an instant before blending again with the rest of the waters — we attain peace in letting our Ego-centric clinging go. We find that we are Everything and Everything is us. All of us.

Therefore, practically speaking, what harm is there in releasing the views, the sensual hits, the pride, the practices, the achievements that supposedly identify us? Of course we can still do these things we enjoy. But, if we are in Oneness and not Deficiency, we will not cling to them for dear life and judge others and their activities as different or beneath us, or see ourselves as any more or less than the entire universe.

This is embracing our Shadow, releasing the grip of the Ego, and rejoining the All. This is life and beauty to the fullest!


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