Moment of Self-Discovery

My Subconscious tends to dig feverishly into the layers of my Unconscious, in order to find and re-surface Memories that it thinks will better enable me to accurately Anticipate and Plan for the Future.


This is my mind running from the Now, evading Peace — in the hope that Peace will come by way of competent Anticipation. It neglects the fact, known by experience and sense, that Anticipation can only bring about further Anticipation… And so on, in an endless cycle…

Rather, I step into the Observer. I take unattached note of the rummaging through Memory, and the consequent application of Anticipation; I merely see it for what it is. And then I watch it disappear again.

For by the Observer, I may identify the workings of my mind without identifying with it, and thereby remain unmoved and unshaken in the Now.

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