Dust on the Path

Do what you have to do resolutely, with all your heart. The traveler who hesitates only raises dust in the road. – Guatama the Buddha

I love the imagery of raising dust in the road when you hesitate. :mrgreen: After all, the path is before you always; take it!

But what of the crossroads, decisions to be made? What of doubt? Growing up in a culture of required perfection, I struggled with intense self-doubt on a daily basis, and I know how very paralyzingly it can be. And how very hopeless, truly. I would hesitate each moment, at every crossroad, to try and logically divine which might be the "proper" action or path, hoping to guess all possible futures and thereby choosing the best. But, it is impossible, and only creates a cloudy dust in the mind and frustration in the heart.

Here are a few wise words from Osho on the matter:

Remember the emphasis on the heart. Mind can never be one; by its very nature it is many… You cannot have many hearts but you can have many minds. Why? – because the mind lives in doubt and the heart lives in love. The mind lives in doubt and the heart lives in trust…it is trust that makes it one. When you trust suddenly you become centered… There is every possibility you may be deceived – the world is full of deceivers. What matters is that you trusted. It is out of your trust that you become integrated, which is far more important than anything else… Trust is in spite of all the doubts.. It is of the heart. It is out of love… Hesitation simply keeps you in fragments. Taking a quantum leap without any hesitation…you become integrated…you become one. And to become one is to be liberated… liberated from your thoughts and desires and memories, liberated from mind itself.

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