Tarot Tale #1

Photo Jul 11, 9 51 04 AM

This spread is the Star Guide Spread; I’ve been using it as my summertime daily spread lately, when I have extra time in the mornings to indulge in self-reflection. (Otherwise, I use the simple daily 3-card spread.) I really like the Star Guide Spread. It gives me just the right amount of detail for more specific circumstances, without being overwhelming.

I inquired after what I should know for the day ahead. Here’s the Tale this Tarot Told:

  • Card #1: My present situation
  • Card #2: The root of challenges or obstacles
  • Card #3: What changes are needed to overcome this challenge/obstacle
  • Card #4: The main strength I can rely on to help me make these changes
  • Card #5: Other challenges; difficulties related to Card #2, that could get in my way
  • Card #6: The final outcome, if changes are successfully made
  • The Tale:
    • My current situation is one in which I am seeking balance and control over my life (I was having a mentally spastic morning, with lots of obligations coming up for me throughout the next two weeks).
    • The root of my upset is Water driving Water (Queen of Cups); Emotion growing Emotion.
    • In Card #5 — Emotion growing/being driven by Thought (Queen of Swords, Queen of Air Element… Did you see the gears controlling the inside of the heart in the corner?) — I am warned that even Thought stepping in to drive my emotions is not enough to steady this ship.
    • I must rely on The Hanged Man (Card #4) to grant me strength for the required changes in Card #3. The Hanged Man is one of my favorite cards — simply because I used to hate the concept! I am very much a Wands sort of personality. I’m a girl of Action; I feel I have to act and make things happen, rather than wait around. But The Hanged Man reminds me that there are times when Action will do absolutely nothing to progress a situation. And hanging upside-down will grant a new perspective on things that I might have missed before. (I like to think of Odin “sacrificing himself to himself” by hanging from Yggdrasil’s branch.)
    • Card #3 — the Change needed. The Moon is another fascinating card! In this context, my Higher Self was telling me that I need to go beyond mere intelligent, conscious Thought (remember the Queen of Bees, using Thought to try to help the emotional situation along?), beyond the mere Reflection of the Light of Intelligence, and seek instead the “dark side of the moon.” The hidden, deep knowledge of the Subconscious beyond the reflection. I can use the light of the moon (Intelligence, Intuition) to guide me through the dark places (Confusion) to the borderlands of Unconsciousness. Go deeper…Thought alone is not enough to tame the emotional Waters.
    • The final result? One of my other favorite cards, The Fool. Freedom, spontaneity, new beginnings and adventure, naiveté… The white rose symbolizes transformation, as does the butterfly. The dog represents both a) my primal instincts, and b) the need to let go of the collar, the domestication of my primal nature. The butterfly flies off into the mountains — yes, there are potential dangers ahead, but this is a card full of energy, joy, and excitement! Ready to face those mountains, both the climb to the top and the gorgeous freedom found there.
  • TLDR: Seeking general stability? The challenge is my high-flowing emotional state. Injecting Thought into the Emotional realm is not enough to find the stability of The Emperor. I must be willing to Hang Out for a while, be like the Hermit and withdraw inside to seek Higher Truths beyond mere conscious intellect. Then, I can embrace the freedom and fresh sense of adventure of The Fool.

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