Tarot Tale #4: A State of Mind


A beautiful spread!! And so very accurate for my day…

Today I am ruled by my Thoughts, more specifically, the dualistic delegation of directing my thoughts toward a determined goal. The Theme ruling this day is the Knight- rushing out and spreading my Thoughts to the ends of the earth that they may take root. Impetuous, reckless, not caring what is said or thought… Unrestrained Thought, because he is carrying out the King’s directive and that’s all he cares about.

Thus, my challenge is staying diligent in my trade. I am established, but I’m having trouble remaining focused on the material tasks I must accomplish today. I’m so eager to move and be restless with my Thoughts. My gut reaction to that, is to channel my animal instinct with reason, direct my strength toward my goals, instead of letting my lion run loose and amok.

But my Higher Self reminds me to embrace this fresh new emotional state I’m in right now, too. Don’t neglect it; it is a real feeling that has materialistic bearing on my earthly production (Page=earth/physical reality). Because then, I achieve the World– I feel at home anywhere, any time, any state of being; I will have achieved the final stage of physical, mental, psychic, emotional – complete – fulfillment.

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