Tarot Tale #5: Earth and Fire

I have learned so much over this Winter Break, deepening my understanding of the tarot, the Tree of Life, and consequently, myself. I even got a fabulous new deck, chock full of rich symbolism!!

As the new semester kicks in next week, I’ve been overwhelmed with work and preparations. One of these days I’ll have a chance to share everything I’ve learned; maybe it’s better sometimes to just offer little nuggets when I can. 🙂

At any rate- today’s jewel!




Basic Message:
Stay cool and passive today. Don’t be rocked and tossed by emotion. Sit with the sober, well-formed plans. Use the stable earth to fuel my desires and fire, to bring my loves into reality!!

And here’s the lesson:

Sometimes it’s the Fire of inspiration that drives our Work. But, other times, it’s the Work and the legacy of that work that fuels our Fire to keep going.

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