Featured Sephirot: Binah

The concept of the third sephirot of Binah  can be expressed as “davar mitoch davar” — understanding one idea from another idea. Binah multiplies the original seed of an Element to the point that a framework of Understanding of that element is built. (Source)

Framework of Understanding is the key point I want to focus on today.

I have to admit– I LOVE researching a topic in-depth if it relates to an awesome project I’ve got going… 😉 I need that thrill of creating something amazing to drive me into researching a topic inside and out!

Here’s a fun aside for you, to give an example from my current life: I am in the middle of researching a multi-faceted look at India during the Emergency as well as studying the epic of the Ramayana all for the purpose of creating my first opera!!! I am super stoked!!!


(PS: I highly recommend this book I stumbled on, if you’re interested in reading a complete and lyrical retelling of the epic poem…)

What occurred to me today is how research works to create a framework upon which a new Reality (of knowledge) is built.

And what I mean by that is this: As I gain insight upon insight in my studies, a framework of understanding that which I’m studying is built. I have then the tools – the knowledge – I need to manipulate that information to (in my case) create something new. This is Binah!

In the Minor Arcana, each of the suits, or elements, reacts and moves forward from Binah in their own way. And the journey (or inner lessons) from that create the framework that guides the next uses of that Element. We might say that, in Binah, the element comes to understand itself by reasoning and knowledge that it now knows where to go next– the Intent is now formed.

  • Fire/Wands: called Virtue; when Ambition has a framework of understanding to jump forward from, Energy has a direction and a purpose.
  • Water/Cups: called Abundance; when Emotion is multiplied and springs from itself, it becomes a wave of feeling we experience… what meaning we ascribe to that feeling is another matter entirely…But our maleable waters of enotion are ready to respond to whatever comes next.
  • Air/Swords: called Sorrow; when Thoughts are mulitipled to the point of understanding itself, it often brings a sense of Sorrow… A sense that there is more to know, a dissatisfaction with where we are and a drive to push forward with even more Thought…
  • Earth/Disks: called Work; when the spark of our material surroundings is built into a structure of understanding, it knows that to move forward, to be reshaped into a new physical reality, it must be put to work.

The next time you see Binah in your reading, consider in what way a framework of Knowledge specific to that Element may benefit you at that moment. 🙂

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