Solitaire as a Life Lesson

Lately I’ve been really into playing regular old Solitaire on my phone to take a mental break here and there throughout the day. I started thinking about why I love it so much, especially lately as I’ve been practicing my own Mindful Acceptance.

Some valuable lessons solitaire can teach us include:

  • There’s only so much you can control
  • A large part of solitaire is dependent on Chance, the “luck of the draw”
  • Another part is based on the constant decisions a player makes
  • The player’s decision, of course, directly affects the game, but only in varying degrees at different times, combined with what cards they currently have available to them
  • If they don’t take any “do-overs” the player must live with each choice they’ve made and continue forward to make the best of what they have now, even if it’s not exactly the result they wanted
  • The player can constantly learn and improve by experimenting and making different choices in the future
  • Sometimes the player must observe the playing field carefully to see if they’ve missed anything that might help them
  • If the player’s not careful, they might miss a great opportunity to further the game
  • The player can’t assume they already know how things will turn out, nor can they simply give up when all seems lost
  • In short, they must accept the hand they’ve been dealt and navigate decisions to work best with whatever they have in front of them.

What other lessons do you take from everyday experiences around you?

  • The Stickiness of Attachments

    As you walk through your day today, take a moment to examine your power chakra, the center of duality, Ego, and boundaries.

    Do you feel a tightness in your gut? Butterflies? A sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach?

    Stop a moment — it only takes a moment! — and get grounded; be connected with the Source of All. Then, simply observe; are there Attachments clinging to your Ego today, biding for your attention? It’s amazing how attachments crop up in the most unexpected of times and places!

    Are you attached to that duty or project you must work on? Then… are you attached to your meditation practice to clear the attachments??

    Remember this aspect of attachments:

    Attachment to “to rules and vows, to precepts and practices that one assumes will lead to purity.”– “The idea of ‘I’m doing the practice’ gets in the way of being attentive to what’s happening in the heart and mind. When we are attentive, we can actually do the practice and enjoy it, delight in it and benefit from the results.”

    This is the immense value of mindful observation. The Witness, the eye of your Soul, is free from the constraints of all fear and consists of pure, truly unconditional love. Release your attachments to heaven — to your angels or your Divine Beloved — as you notice them today… And be not even attached to the practice of needing to release attachments as you practice, either!!

    Simply Be, as the mountains are… Be, I AM.

    Align yourself and be at peace today.