Sharing the Heart of Tarot

I figured it was high-time I officially post my offerings to you as a tarot interpreter. 🙂

The tarot deck has long fascinated me, but it wasn’t until the Spring of 2015 that I finally got up the courage (or perhaps was finally hungry enough for its Gnosis) to purchase my first deck and begin studying. These initial studies and personal readings helped me get through an intense period of spiritual transition and self-discovery, not to mention clinical therapy. 😉

What I discovered is that the tarot deck represents the potential of all that a person is. We are all things at various times, in the physical, mental, emotional, and ambitious aspects of our lives. Evolutionarily and habitually, we each tend toward certain responses (knee-jerk reactions) when faced with obstacles. But when we can see clearly what aspect of ourselves is ruling at a given time and why, we are better able to decide whether to allow our initial instincts full reign, or perhaps to seek out “better angels”.

This is what a “psychological” tarot interpretation offers — a glimpse into the depths of our subconscious and motivations, and the chance to ask ourselves if there is not perhaps a better response to what we face.

  • What can I expect from a tarot reading with you?
    I can offer a range of spreads (number of cards), depending on the depth of your questions. I will gladly read as few as a “Daily Oracle,” 3- or 6-card spread with you, or anything beyond the scope of a basic 6-card spread. We can also do a Sabbat Spread together, illuminating your present journey during one of the 8 important phases of the Earth throughout the year and offering suggestions on how you might better prepare as the year unfolds toward the next Sabbat.

    I will provide your personalized interpretation as a detailed pdf with a photo of your spread, emailed to the address you specify. Get your reading today!

  • What about fortune-telling, or love and career advice?
    You are in charge of your own destiny, and there is nothing “mysterious” or “metaphysical” about a card spread save for whatever meaning you give to that spread. All a tarot reading does is to point you in the direction of where your innermost thoughts and tendencies are currently leading you with respect to a given circumstance.A tarot reading will offer insight and clarity into your own patterns of thinking as well as suggest alternate ways of thinking you might choose to explore. Armed with this knowledge, you are free to chart your own future and enrich your own relationships.
    In this manner, I only serve as a knowledgeable interpreter of the in-depth symbolism the cards hold as they are laid out in front of you, and I can act as a guide to your application of this knowledge in your own personal situation.
  • What Tradition do you base your interpretations on?
    I rely on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as a map of understanding the journey from a spark of Inspiration, filtered through Intention, and resulting in Action. The cards form both the Sephirot (Minor Arcana) and the branches (Major Arcana) of the Tree, offering a picture of where your current mind and heart currently lie — according to what your own subconscious says about the matter.When I do a reading, I am not at all “psychic” and much more “logical” or “studious” in my approach (what can I say? I’m a Sun and Moon Aquarius with Virgo Rising!) :p  So don’t expect magic and goosebumps, but do expect detailed accuracy and careful thoughtfulness. 🙂

Have any more questions? Drop me a line!

Be well.

Tarot Tale #3: Structural Processes

This morning I received a very informative message from my Higher Self and couldn’t wait to share. 🙂

Photo Sep 02, 10 11 54 AM

This is daily 6-card spread I’ve restructured (to reveal connections between the cards better) and have been using regularly to help guide my thinking each day. I just love it!

So, today:

  1. I am under the influence of Knight of Bees. (Btw, I did a personal study to better understand the meaning and influences of the Court Cards via the YHWH structure of Kabbalistic understanding of the Universe. It was very helpful! More on that later, I promise!)
    1. a) Knights are Air – They take the elemental Gift of their suit and rush it out from me to bring it into reality, to spread it outward to the world. How is that done? Communication.
    2. b) Think of it this way: I have a Thought (the Sword element). I Speak it or Communicate it in some way, and it is no longer just My Thought/Idea. It now becomes something that others may receive and do with as they please.
  2. Two of Moths. Once my Thoughts/Ideas are now spread outward where others may pick it up, there is no a decision in regard to what to do with that Thought.
    1. a) This works the opposite way around, too. I receive other Thoughts that have been spread outward and there is turns into a decision of Action.
    2. b) Where will choose to focus my Energy, in response to the Thought I have received or given?
  3. Challenges I will face today: 5 of Dragonflies.
    1. a) In this card, we see the dragonflies scattered and confused in emotion. Notice where they are looking. They are either, mostly, focused on the broken heart, or focused on the emptied cup.
    2. b) The lesson here? Where am I looking? Am I focused on my heartache, my tumultuous emotions? Am I looking at the emotional loss I feel?
  4. My Knee-Jerk-Reaction to this is: 10 of Beetles.
    1. a) In reaction to the inner heartache that will draw my attention, I will have a tendency to fight back by focusing on the material legacy/success I have built, or wish to build. I will strive to turn my focus on my work and its successes, past and future.
  5. The Suggestion from my Higher Self, in response to this Challenge: 8 of Moths.
    1. a) This again is turning my focus to Action. The advice here is to focus on restricting and streamlining my Actions and Energies today, so that they flow effortlessly toward the predetermined Goal.
  6. Ultimate, Overarching Thought for today: 4 of Moths.
    1. a) In everything, seek Stability of Action. Focus on achieving that one smaller goal, on the way to Larger Goal. Celebrate the small achievements! One step at a time….

Final thoughts:

  • I must learn to guard my words, more than I have ever thought to in the past. I never realized how releasing my thoughts via communication (think, the Throat Chakra – more on that later!) would create a 2 of Moths junction of decision in the lives of those who receive my words, sending them on a journey of emotion, thought, reaction, and decision different than had they not received my Thoughts in the first place.
  • On the surface, this is neither good nor bad. It just is. But it’s important to simply be aware of this striking power we all have to influence each other and shape our surrounding community and world.