Featured Arcana: Knight of Coins

The Knight is of the Air Element (Thought); the Coins are of the Earth (Material Reality). Earth will be reshaped by Air, but only very slowly… The simple message of this Knight is:

Trust the Journey

…even if it’s a slow, arduous climb. The Journey is sometimes worth more than the Destination.

Prana: Something to Take With You Today

I’ve been determined these past few weeks to meditate every single day, and it’s been extremely helpful for my practice of internal balance and individuation.

I decided to do a 25-minute long session today, unguided — meaning, I was left alone with none but myself for 25 whole minutes, haha!

What I kept coming back to was my breath. I kept reminding myself that, while my body changes over these 25 minutes (I started sweating, my foot started falling asleep, my back needed to be reminded to rest on the easy flow from my diaphragm, etc…) — while all of that was happening, my breath never changed.

Prana is defined as “life force”:

[It] comprises all cosmic energies that permeate the Universe on all levels… In living beings, this universal energy is considered responsible for all bodily functions through five types of prana… Indologist Georg Feuerstein explains, “The Chinese call it chi, the Polynesians mana, the Amerindians orenda, and the ancient Germans od. It is an all-pervasive ‘organic’ energy.” — wikipedia

While some techniques of pranayama are meant to control the breath and life force, ceasing what is thought of as the origin of our mental restlessness, we can also focus on simply accepting and relying upon our prana, our breath. (I’ve been working on acceptance of my Shadow and other parts lately.)

So, to recap what I learned, my body will undergo changes throughout the day, my mind will stir with endless thoughts and feelings and beliefs… but my breath is always there, always flowing… in and out… and I can focus and rely on that regular pulsation of Life throughout my day. ❤

Choose Your Biofeedback Loop

Being Aware… Bringing yourself into the present moment…

What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is just the idea that your brain is always sensing what is happening in your body and it reviews that information to decide how it should feel about the world.

…Since most stimuli that we experience is ambiguous, if you start to push the probability in the positive direction then that’s going to have a really beneficial effect. (Source)

When I sit and meditate on my breath I am choosing to direct my focus on how my physical body feels. When I’m sitting in the calm of this present moment, I recognize that my body feels relaxed.

True, my thoughts will often wander, especially when I’m in a chaotic season of my career (as I often am). But by letting those thoughts simply float away and by redirecting my focus onto the calm in my body, I am actively choosing to create a biofeedback loop based on the relaxation I presently feel. And in this manner, my thoughts are better able to fall in line.

Then, though my mind may be stirring, it holds no direct power over my mindset; indeed I am better able to direct my thoughts in the directions I choose them to go.

The Knight of Pentacles represents the element of Air (Thought) surrounded and grounded by Earth (Physical Reality)

Connections in the Horseshoe Spread

I haven’t really used the 7-card Horseshoe Spread often, but I decided to use it today and I’ve suddenly become a lot more fond of this spread!! Let me show you what I found…

The key observation that suddenly “lit the bulb” in my mind was that of horizontal connections between the cards. (Cards are numbered in order, from left to right.)

  • Cards 3 & 5: Influences, Inner and Outer respectively
    • In this case, inside my emotions are ruling and influencing my emotions further; outside, others’ thoughts are affecting me. Water and Air are both fluid elements and easily affect each other. Thus, my current state is like a permeable membrane, where the inner forces of Emotion and the outer forces of Thought easily influence one another.
    • The Obstacles (Card 4, at the top) are a result of Thought influencing my Action– So, the recommendation here is that I should allow the fluid elements to rage as they will, inside and outside, BUT not be too hasty to let the Thoughts of Others influence my Actions!!!
  • Cards 2 & 6: my Present Self meets the Action I should take
    • We often forget– Action can only physically occur in the Present!! Past and Future have no direct bearing on the Action itself, though they do create influences for an Action’s trajectory…
    • In this case, my cards were fascinating in the sense that the Hermit and Justice are direct mirror images of each other in the Triangle of Interpersonal Intent!!
    • I am currently in a place of withdrawing from the Constructive sense of Community to find Balance in my interactions with others. But the presence of Justice implies that I tend to overcompensate and jump to a complete, Deconstructive sense of rejection of others (which I do). Instead, Justice reminds me that I need to reign that tendency in and come back to Balance.
  • Cards 1 & 7: the Past meets Future Opportunities or Outcomes.
    • The elemental forces that led me here are a striving of the Earth (Reality) to find grounding in the midst of Emotion. The presence of the ten of pentacles across from the Page suggests that, of the Page’s two influences, I should lean toward those opportunities that bring a fulfillment of the Earth part.

So, in general, let Thoughts and Emotions fluctuate as they do, but don’t let others’ thoughts rashly influence my actions. Seek the Mildness of balance in my interactions with others. And when facing the future, lean toward that which promotes a fulfillment of Material Wealth, not to be influenced by the ever-present sea of Emotion that brought me here.

Enjoy exploring the deeper relationships in the cards of your favorite spreads! I’ve found that the extra time and effort is well-spent! 😉

Beautiful Guided Meditations

I know it’s been a long while since I last posted here; I have lots of ideas, too! It’s been a hectic season for me: between finishing up a busy but delightful year at my new career (and planning the year to come, as you can read at the link), preparing for a move this month out in the area closer to the college since I’ll be there full time in the Fall, finishing up a hectic season of performances and rehearsals, AND working madly to get the word out to fundraise for a VERY important recording opportunity that means the world to me!… Well, my mind has been extremely full and occupied… and I KNOW that Attachments have been looming in me galore! At least, I am completely aware of it, haha!

Well, in the midst of the chaos that is my day-to-day life, I have stumbled upon a couple of beautiful guided meditation videos that I think you’ll enjoy as much as I have. One is very Kundalini, and the other is very Buddhist, but both, of course!, are very related. :mrgreen:

I seem to meditate with this one at the start of the day….

To tune in and focus myself, I first like to sing along with this lovely version of the Adi Mantra: ONG NAMO, GURU DEV NAMO – roughly translated this means, “I respectfully acknowledge and seek the Primal Energy from which all Creation flows; I respectfully acknowledge and seek the Divine Wisdom and Teacher.”

Then I begin this powerful version of a Grounding Mediation:

Now, at night, I love meditating to this particular relaxation mediation – it’s wonderful for reminding us to seek the spaces in which our thoughts exist, to recall that we are not our thoughts but rather the vast emptiness in which they flutter about. It’s fantastic!

Of course, there is complete freedom to mix and match these meditations, depending on your mood and what is needed any given moment. But I hope you will enjoy these and others, and find your inspiration today!

Get Grounded

One of the most important and most enjoyable experiences I’ve encountered (and have been practicing regularly now for nearly the past week) is that of the Grounding Meditation as described and taught by the wonderfully in-depth and knowledgeable author at Kundalini-teacher.com.

The challenge set forth is to practice this meditation eight times a day for 45 days, as this will build the process and constant awareness of grounding into a habit. I have taken an immense interest and joy in maintaining this challenge successfully now for almost the past week. I have found a beautiful sense of balance, awareness, peace, well-being, acceptance, and more dwelling and arising within me.

Some notions I have become conscious of during the course of my meditation-experience:

  • that I am connected and intertwined intricately with the forces of this planet and universe (it puts Carl Sagan’s statement that “We’re made of star-stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself” in a very real light!)
  • therefore, we have “all that it takes” within us, as we exist as a part of the All (more on these thoughts to come, promise…)
  • I feed the energy of the All as it also feeds my energy
  • I am never alone and I am always loved unconditionally
  • I have learned to discern and hear my Heart Voice
  • I have begun to just scratch the surface of understanding the beautiful complexity that is me (and by nature, all of us); that my Heart Voice is in actuality, Me; but it is the true me, my spirit, my unconscious…and who else would know me better than, well, me?
  • I’ve begun to note and take a curiosity in how the myths and religions of so many cultures seem to speak of this very thing, this Heart Voice, this Unconscious Self that is connected to All… giving it names we can relate to, such as God, Inner Guru, Allah, Ra, etc…. but in terms and parables relevant to its ability to comprehend such intimate complexity (plenty more on this to come in the future, too…Lots more details and examples I can think of…)

And this is all only after a week of getting to know myself a little better. 😉

Will you take the challenge? Read through the article, give grounding a chance and see what it can do to improve your perception of the world and your place in it!