Prana: Something to Take With You Today

I’ve been determined these past few weeks to meditate every single day, and it’s been extremely helpful for my practice of internal balance and individuation.

I decided to do a 25-minute long session today, unguided — meaning, I was left alone with none but myself for 25 whole minutes, haha!

What I kept coming back to was my breath. I kept reminding myself that, while my body changes over these 25 minutes (I started sweating, my foot started falling asleep, my back needed to be reminded to rest on the easy flow from my diaphragm, etc…) — while all of that was happening, my breath never changed.

Prana is defined as “life force”:

[It] comprises all cosmic energies that permeate the Universe on all levels… In living beings, this universal energy is considered responsible for all bodily functions through five types of prana… Indologist Georg Feuerstein explains, “The Chinese call it chi, the Polynesians mana, the Amerindians orenda, and the ancient Germans od. It is an all-pervasive ‘organic’ energy.” — wikipedia

While some techniques of pranayama are meant to control the breath and life force, ceasing what is thought of as the origin of our mental restlessness, we can also focus on simply accepting and relying upon our prana, our breath. (I’ve been working on acceptance of my Shadow and other parts lately.)

So, to recap what I learned, my body will undergo changes throughout the day, my mind will stir with endless thoughts and feelings and beliefs… but my breath is always there, always flowing… in and out… and I can focus and rely on that regular pulsation of Life throughout my day. ❤

Loving Nature

Don’t miss the Forest for the Trees…
Behold all that is, as it is,
And it will appear, unhindered, as the most beautiful thing…

Examine and fall in love with Creation and all its mystery and intricacies around you, and you will inherently fall in love with the Creator —
Be that The One Who Is, quantum biology weirdness (very cool stuff!)… Call it what you will in a manner by which you can freely relate… It does not matter–Perception is Everything.

Ultimately, we find, we are all. And life is beautiful.

The Savior Discusses Inner Life

More from “The Dialogue of the Savior”; Nag Hammadi Scriptures, pg. 303


As long as what is within you is kept in order — that is, the soul — your bodies are enlightened…

The soul here can also be translated to read:
your nature” or “your belief,” according to the scholars’ footnotes.