Being Present

One of the most powerful meditations I’ve come across lately is simple, powerful, and enlightening. No need for guided words or music; just sit comfortably, close your eyes, and count upward with every out-breath.

As you breathe in, feel the space all around the trunk of your body opening up and spreading out—you always have all the space you need, so take it. And simply be present.

That means observing without judgment the thoughts that flit across your brain like leaves in the wind. We can learn a lot about ourselves just by seeing what sort of thoughts make their way across our consciousness. I found I tend to run ahead into the future—a lot!

Keep your yourself grounded in the presence of your breath. I’ve found that the counting helps with this. You can set a goal to get to a certain number if you like. I find myself listening to and observing the noises of the present, which is a new sensation for me.

Try it and see what you find!