Featured Arcana: 9 Wands Reversed

The #Shadow of the 9 of #Wands: You’re refusing to look back and #consider all that has come before in order to #finish the “race”. Either you’re moving ahead without considering what brought you here, or you’re #resisting the final stage of wholeness, #fearful of what may come… #strength #minorarcana #tarot #thoughtfortheday

Featured Arcana: Strength

The tarSTRENGTHot card, Strength (8), holds great significance and meaning.

In the beginning, I had understood it in its most basic form as Inner Strength. But, being the eternal seeker that I am, I wanted to know more. What, exactly, does Inner Strength mean? How can it be applied in our day-to-day lives?

The Lion is symbolic of our own animal instincts, our desires, our passions, our jealousy, our rage, our lust…The woman controls the beast through the power of reason and through love via the heart. She may be secretly terrified of what she is doing but she is prepared to face her fears, to take the risk, to feel the fear and do it anyway. (from, Truly Teach Me Tarot)

Another way to think of Strength is by its alternative name in some tarot decks, Fortitude.

…it meant moderation in attitudes toward pain and danger, with neither being avoided at all costs, nor actively wanted…the woman looking calm and gentle, yet dominant over the lion. (from, Wikipedia)

In other words, we can also apply the Buddhist notion of “…the purity of mindfulness owing to equanimity… [to] study and observe your mind, at all of its various points of grasping — whether for attachment or for aversion…

Inner Strength, or Fortitude, comes down to a calm, logical acceptance of our instinctual, animalistic, Shadow Self — an acknowledgment of its presence and influence in our lives, and a decision to control and embrace it via reason and love, in spite of our feelings of fear or confusion.

Beautiful Guided Meditations

I know it’s been a long while since I last posted here; I have lots of ideas, too! It’s been a hectic season for me: between finishing up a busy but delightful year at my new career (and planning the year to come, as you can read at the link), preparing for a move this month out in the area closer to the college since I’ll be there full time in the Fall, finishing up a hectic season of performances and rehearsals, AND working madly to get the word out to fundraise for a VERY important recording opportunity that means the world to me!… Well, my mind has been extremely full and occupied… and I KNOW that Attachments have been looming in me galore! At least, I am completely aware of it, haha!

Well, in the midst of the chaos that is my day-to-day life, I have stumbled upon a couple of beautiful guided meditation videos that I think you’ll enjoy as much as I have. One is very Kundalini, and the other is very Buddhist, but both, of course!, are very related. :mrgreen:

I seem to meditate with this one at the start of the day….

To tune in and focus myself, I first like to sing along with this lovely version of the Adi Mantra: ONG NAMO, GURU DEV NAMO – roughly translated this means, “I respectfully acknowledge and seek the Primal Energy from which all Creation flows; I respectfully acknowledge and seek the Divine Wisdom and Teacher.”

Then I begin this powerful version of a Grounding Mediation:

Now, at night, I love meditating to this particular relaxation mediation – it’s wonderful for reminding us to seek the spaces in which our thoughts exist, to recall that we are not our thoughts but rather the vast emptiness in which they flutter about. It’s fantastic!

Of course, there is complete freedom to mix and match these meditations, depending on your mood and what is needed any given moment. But I hope you will enjoy these and others, and find your inspiration today!